How to Make Money Writing for NewsBreak: Journey to $6,000 a Month

Want to become a NewsBreak Contributor and get your writing out in front of thousands of people? Join their network! Anyone can write for them and it’s a great way to start driving traffic to your blog and building a portfolio.

I am all about more money for less work, so when my business coach mentioned that I could repurpose my blog content and get paid for the same content on multiple platforms, I was all ears.

Each of the platforms mentioned accept anyone as a writer on the platform, but you have to hit a certain number of followers on each one before you can apply for monetization. 

I get overwhelmed easily, so I choose to start with applying and writing for NewsBreak and to build to monetization before I begin to tackle another platform. Here’s my journey with NewBreak so far, including what I’ve learned and any tips that you want as a new writer looking into the platform. 

What is NewsBreak?

The NewsBreak platform that focused on local content by local writers. It is a useful tool to help you stay up-to-date on the news. It gives you the power to decide which topics and stories are most important to you.

It also offers a variety of regional and local content tailored to wherever you’re located, plus notifications on major breaking news, giving you access to all the information you need when it’s most relevant. 

NewsBreak brings personalized updates from your favorite websites, blogs and newspapers directly to your fingertips. Using its advanced algorithm, it provides you with the latest stories customized for your individual interests so you never miss a beat. 

With custom notifications, a reliable story feed and helpful summaries of articles, NewsBreak can make sure you don’t miss out on any of the latest developments in politics, business, sports and more. Put simply; this app provides all the convenience of a trusted news partner with none of the hassle.

Why I Believe Every Blogger Should be Writing for NewsBreak

As a new baby blogger, it takes a while to gain traction on Google and to start seeing your posts show up in search results. It can be hard to write 50-100 posts and then wait to see how they perform. Sometimes you’re waiting 8 months to a year before you can truly evaluate your relevance within your niche. 

When writing for NewsBreak, I am able to access my target market and see stats and feedback as soon as 24 hours after I publish. This means I’m not only getting instant gratification in knowing that people are reading and loving my work, but I’m also seeing which posts are taking off, and able to already begin pivoting and refining my writing topics and voice.

And, my absolute favorite thing about writing for NewsBreak is that I only have 15 posts published but I’m already seeing email subscribers since so many people are already viewing my work through the platform.

If you’re here from NewsBreak, hey!! I’m so happy you’re here. You’re getting a front row seat to how I’m building my online business and I’m ready to take you with me and build our digital empires together!

Does NewsBreak Pay Writers?

If you are a writer looking to make money, NewsBreak may be the perfect place for you. NewsBreak is a media organization that pays writers for producing content for them. Writers just need to apply to be a contributor on the platform and reach 100 registered users before they can apply for monetization.

 After reaching this magical threshold, they will then be eligible to receive regular payment from NewsBreak in exchange for their work. 

One thing that I didn’t realize is that you have to have 100 REGISTERED users. Not every NewsBreak reader is registered on the platform, so you will have much more than 100 followers before you hit 100 registered users. I had 300ish followers before I hit 100 registered followers. So about every 1 in 3 NewsBreak reader is registered, in my experience. 

Who Can Write for NewsBreak?

Anyone can apply. NewsBreak is looking for local people to create local, down-to-earth content in their town. If you are a freelance writer and you’re looking to get your content seen and become known in your town, NewsBreak is a great option! 

Anyone with an interest in writing can contribute to the platform, whether they’re working professional journalists or aspiring amateurs. Though NewsBreak prefers local content, you can essentially choose your niche and write about whatever you want to write about. 

I know people who post about preschool printables, psychology education, relationship advice, and I personally write about personal finance and earning money online..which is what I’m also talking about on my blog.

How to Join NewsBreak Partner Program- Write for NewsBreak

I googled “how to apply on NewsBreak” and the first link is NewsBreak’s contributor. You start by putting in your email and setting up a password for your account. 

Writing for NewsBreak
Welcome to newsbreak

Once you create your account, you’ll be welcomed, but this doesn’t mean you’re approved to write just yet. There is information that they want that you will fill out as you set up your account before they review your application and approve/deny you. 

Signing up for newsbreak
Signing up for newsbreak

Once you’ve filled out all this information, then you just sit back and wait. Once you’re approved, you’re good to go and start writing for NewsBreak. 

How to Submit to NewsBreak

Once you’re approved to start writing for NewsBreak, they make it super easy to write on their platform. Their dashboard is user friendly and intuitive. You can see your overall stats on your home page, you can see how your stats break down on each post to see how your different topics are performing on the “manage content” tab.

My newsbreak home page

To write, you use their “write a article” tab and it’s easy. I always write my content in a Word Document, and then I’m able to easily copy and paste into my blog, and then paste it again in my NewsBreak tab as well. 

NewsBreak Write an article tab

They have great formatting options, but I’m not so great at design, so I just publish my content with good headers, relevant images and that’s it.

How to Write a Title that NewsBreak Likes

NewsBreak is picky about their titles, but it’s because they don’t want any clickbait or spammy looking titles. Write your title in a sentence form, avoid listicles like “5 Reasons Why…” or things like a cliffhanger that are intended to get clicks. I try to format my titles in a sentence or question form. I have found success in making it very informational and not like I would write an SEO optimized title for my blog. 

Applying for Monetization on NewsBreak

Once you’ve hit 100 registered followers and 10 articles posted, congratulations! You can apply for monetization. The process is easy. You have to connect your account through PayPal and then submit a tax form. There are a few tax forms that you can choose from. I’m in the US, so I submitted a W9 form. There were also a couple W8 forms to choose from. I’m not an expert in anything tax related, so just take that information as you will. 

Can you write for NewsBreak if you are not a US citizen?

I haven’t been able to find any information on whether or not those outside the US can write on NewsBreak. It does require a US phone number, but once I got to applying to monetization, there were options to submit a W8 tax form which is designed for foreign entities that are doing work in the US. So I’m not saying yes or no. But it’s worth a try if you have the time and resources to write and publish. 

How Much Does NewsBreak Pay Contributors?

This is something that each writer will not find out until they have been accepted for monetization, and they will have to sign a non-disclosure. I’ve seen that writing for NewsBreak pays a base pay of $1000/month and then pays you by the number of views that you get. I’ve also read elsewhere that there is a payment scale depending on how well your articles are written. I personally have not been approved for monetization, so I have no personal experience with their payment system. 

UPDATE: I am now on my 4th month of monetization with NewsBreak and in June, I earned just over $6,000 from my account. There are lots of factors that go into how you’re paid. They assign an RPM for each of your articles and then you earn per view that you get on each article.

How Long Does it Take to get Approved for Monetization?

NewsBreak says that it will take them up to 30 days for them to review your application once you have reached 100 registered users and applied for monetization. I have seen some people get accepted as quickly as 24 hours, while others have waited the full 30 days to hear back on a decision. In my experience, I waited 4-5 weeks to be approved.

Can You Use AI in Your NewsBreak Posts?

Yes! NewsBreak just updated their terms and we can now use AI in our articles. You just have to disclose this at the top of your articles and there is also a button on the publish page that allows you to indicate that the article was AI-Assisted.

Final Thoughts

If you love writing and you’re looking for new ways to get your words in front of an audience, then consider writing for NewsBreak. If you’re a travel writer or you specialize in local content, then NewsBreak will love you. If you’re in a different niche, don’t be afraid to apply and post your content. You may not do as well as a local writer will, but it’s a great way to get your name out there, build your email list, and get fast feedback on what your audience thinks about your content.

How to make money writing with NewsBreak
How to make money writing for Newsbreak

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