Work from home for FedEx

Work from Home for FedEx: Everything You Need to Know

In the era of a new normal, it’s no surprise that work from home jobs have become more popular. With more people comfortable with the concept of remote services and various companies looking towards flexible solutions, you can now work from home for FedEx as well!

Work from home for FedEx

A trendsetter in this regard has been FedEx; they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to offering remote job positions. They have positions for part-time workers as well as full-time position opportunities.

From customer service agents to software engineers, FedEx is making it easier than ever before for career-oriented individuals to access reputable employment — without ever leaving their homes.

The History of FedEx

FedEx Corp. is a package delivery company that has revolutionized how shipments and mail are delivered around the world.

Founded in 1971, the company quickly grew, becoming a powerhouse of the global logistics industry and establishing itself as an undisputed leader in international express delivery services.

With hundreds of thousands of team members under Chief Executive Raj Subramaniam, FedEx now spreads across dozens of countries, including the United States. FedEx is one of the largest transportation-focused companies in the world, offering time-definite delivery solutions to over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Whether it’s transporting medical supplies or providing innovative e-commerce solutions, this agile organization is a global leader in the industry, making it one of the best companies in recent years to work for.

Work from Home Opportunities with FedEx

FedEx offers plenty of remote position options, giving folks the flexibility to work at their own rhythm and in the comfort of their home. It’s exciting to know that companies like FedEx are embracing remote work as part of their operations.

All remote positions have minimal requirements, such as a high school diploma and a background check. College degrees are also required for higher level positions.

On their career website, you can find the position summary for each job listing, as well as details on their hiring process, and the position that are open for full-time employees versus part-time employees.

Typical job roles with FedEx that cannot be done remotely include:

  • Package handler
  • Ground contractors
  • Local truck drivers
  • Delivery service positions
  • Operations Manager

However, there are opportunities for customer service representatives to software engineers and account managers that are fully remote based.

At the time of writing this article, there were 13 job types available to work remotely with FedEx including these job titles:

  • Technical Project Manager Lead
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Principle Technical Project Manager
  • Partner Engagement & Integration Lead
  • Site Reliability Engineer Lead
  • Site Reliability Engineer III
  • Project Manager
  • Platform Engineer
  • Software Engineer

With proper equipment, dedication and some discipline—FedEx is creating ample opportunities for folks to find success without having to leave the house.

Working a FedEx Job in the Field

If you are not interest in working from home, FedEx still has many options for you. You can become a FedEx contractor and work as a new driver for their delivery service by picking up short-term delivery jobs during the holiday season when there is a high demand for local drivers.

There may be requirements for a commercial driver’s license for these positions and it’s best to check job listings for more details. FedEx has many delivery operations including FedEx pilot, and ground contractors for FedEx ground.

Advantages of Working from Home

Remote work has certainly revolutionized how we work: it offers countless advantages including increased flexibility, a better balance between life and work, and the ability to reach our goals without the need of a long and tiring commute.

Besides having more time to spend with family, those with a home position also save money on transportation costs and can adjust their workspace depending on their needs on any given day.

How to Apply to Work from Home for FedEx

With the world of work changing, more companies are bringing remote positions to their ranks. If you’re looking for a way to flex your skills from the comfort of your own home or workspace, FedEx is a great option.

For those seeking an at-home job at FedEx, their company website is an excellent resource.

It’s easy to search for remote jobs – all you have to do is hit the search button and make sure ‘remote’ is checked off in the filters.

Benefits of Working for FedEx

Depending on the position, FedEx provides:

  • Dental insurance
  • 401k contribution
  • Sick time
  • Vacation time
  • Health insurance
  • and more…

Who Should Work from Home for FedEx?

These types of positions are what I call “traditional 9-5.” If you have young children and don’t have childcare options, these positions may not be for you.

You will most likely have to be on the clock during set business hours, and available for team calls, collaboration and meetings.

However, if you’re a mom with older kids or your kids are in daycare or have arranged in-home childcare, then this might be a great opportunity for you to be able to work from home, skip the commute, and be present around the home in case of emergencies.

Final Thoughts

The rise of remote work has been an unexpected blessing for many – something that was considered ‘unconventional’ not so long ago is now the norm.

With this shift, more and more people have the opportunity to work from home without sacrificing their career goals. Companies like FedEx are paving the way for a future that is both flexible and productive, giving employees the freedom to do their best work without having to leave their home.

Whether it’s a customer service role or a software engineering position, FedEx is continually offering remote opportunities that could be just right for you.

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